El Milagro: “The Miracle”

Imagine Mueller Charter School– a public school that has complete control over its entire $7.5 million budget. Imagine having complete authority to invest your resources any way you choose.  Imagine absolute freedom from outside influence of any kind—no state bureaucracy, no meddling school district, no teachers union, no boilerplate contracts, no negotiated agreements, no political agendas, no labor force distractions, no competing agencies.

Imagine no second-guessing. Imagine being held to account solely by the quality of your results. Imagine that with every positive step, however small, toward the vision of excellence—more autonomy is earned. Imagine an opportunity to create a high-performance school-business fueled by the very latest technology in organizational development.  Imagine a mission so righteous it promises to define the career of every employee. Imagine cultivating the talent you need to achieve what others can only imagine.  Imagine a school where families stand in line for two city blocks just to get a seat.  Imagine children striving against peer group norms and cultural mores just to excel.  

Imagine teachers so intrinsically driven that they will walk through fire to help children blossom.  Imagine a culture, balanced by some internal gyroscope, that keeps kids and their teachers whole. 

Imagine a spiritual center that hums.  Invisible.  Hypnotic.  Transformational. 

Imagine El Milagro