Why we should give every Student an I-Phone as a Learning Tool…or…10 Reasons why my I-Phone is smarter than your Kid’s Teacher:







More and more  school districts are wasting their energy on trying to ban, capture or otherwise disrupt their students’ use of cell phones when they return to school in a few weeks.  Private schools are just as bad. One line of thinking is that they are a distraction that keep children from learning.  Which is a lot like saying books are a distraction. But if a teacher can be replaced by a kid’s cellphone… he or she ought to be! Here are ten tools I use every day as a principal.  In a school.

• Maps, directions and street level photos to any address or location on the planet
• Google Earth
• Unfiltered internet research
Aps for any subject (especially Major League Baseball); to say nothing of the easy-access Ap for Twitter and Facebook
• The capacity to communicate instantly with anyone in the world via text or telephone
• Access to YouTube and Podcasts
• Instant updates on the stock market and the weather
• Unlimited music through ITunes
• The ability to translate words and phrases from any language
• Calculator

Teachers can not only compete with these tools, they can harness them to provide their students with a portal to the world.  Isn’t that just good teaching?


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9 responses to “Why we should give every Student an I-Phone as a Learning Tool…or…10 Reasons why my I-Phone is smarter than your Kid’s Teacher:

  1. Carmen

    The difference is you are an adult and use the tools constructively. Kids text each other, sext each other and watch Jackass clips on YouTube. Trust me, they’re not checking the stock market.

  2. Patty

    I love your premise Kevin!…so simple and easily attainable if we use all of our training, a bit of common sense and creativity, and don’t forego those teachable moments that can make a lasting impression in children and how they feel about learning!

  3. Melody

    I totally agree that iPhones are a great academic source. For all ages. However, students should learn to deal constructively with boredom and learn to make the most of all learning experiences.

  4. Allison Collinger

    Excellent points. Rethinking the tools we have in a whole new way is going to be key in educating this generation. Open source, tech solutions. I need to order your book to share with local colleagues.

    • Thanks for reading my blog Allison… I hope it triggers some thoughts for people. If you like my blog you will definitely like the book! Are you in education consulting?

      • Allison Collinger

        Kevin –
        My focus is marketing communications consulting, but developing a keen interest in educational change, reform as my kids experience schools and I see all the big picture trends, and where we need to be.
        Asking questions, learning, innovating … enjoy your blog for that.

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