So we are down in Georgia attending a community charity event for Intuit. I didn’t bring my laptop so I am writing this post from my phone. No pics today… just this thought: what if the “free and public education” system extended into college? Like here in Georgia.

Clay told me that every graduating senior in the state is eligible for the Hope Scholarship; if they maintain a minimum GPA, and get accepted into a university in Georgia, all tuition is covered!

An awesome program. I wonder how many states offer their kids the same promise? How many kids take advantage of it? How far has it gone to bridge the sociology-economic divide? How do high schools tap into the grant and get their students on college campuses EARLY?

I wonder… what if the $30 billion a week spent on war…  or the $ trillion-plus investment into the pentagon… or the one million dollar a year per soldier… was invested here… for our kids… in our universities… to make college affordable; To make colleges and universities more accountable for the quality of their teaching? Like K-12 schools. No College Kid Left Behind.


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  1. Melinda

    England has something similar. I am not sure the details but I know my ex-husband had his college education paid for…they also provide housing, and health coverage and an income. This has been enabling for many. Sometimes working hard for something is more rewarding. It is the journey, not the destination, that we remember the most.

  2. Melinda

    What if education was universal and we all taught the same things in the same way. We all share the same hopes and dreams for our children, why don’t we train them to be adults in the same manner as every other country?
    What if, we had a NATO for education?
    We each want the same outcome, why can’t we agree to invest all our our knowledge and experience together as united countries to teach our children toward a common goal?
    What if unity and hope was a world promise?

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